I seem to be stuck

Finding a place of my own is not looking good and the weather is beginning to change. If something doesn’t come up soon I’ll be forced to stay here even longer than I planned. I don’t want to be on the street ever again so I’ll just continue to keep my head down and hope for something to come along soon.

Wish me luck as I scourer craigslist trying to find something of my own.



Still looking

well, my quest for a new place to live continues. I’ve been trying to find a place close to this area but it doesn’t look promising.

I’ve been on craigslist everyday to check for new postings. Nothing so far. There are a few cheap places much further south.

I wouldn’t mind moving but I have to make sure my vehicle can get there. One place I’m almost certain I can rent.  But there’s no modern conveniences. (A.K.A Internet, cable) I might take it anyway just to get away from this situation.

I know it’s an adjustment for me and like most people I don’t like change. But I have learned to adapt to just about any circumstance.

It’s time for me to just be completely on my own. Even if that means living in my vehicle the rest of my life.

No matter what happens I’ll adjust. That much I’m sure of.

Well, till next month, stay safe and make sure to find joy in your life where and whenever you can.

I’m Ready!

Well, I’ve made up my mind. I have to move. I can’t take this landlords suspicious and paranoid attitude. He constantly bitches about his X wife tapping into his cellphone. Now he’s accusing me of doing it too. Anything he misplaced, lost or just plain forgot about is now stolen. And he asks me constantly where his stuff is. He’s rummaged through my cabinet that I keep my food in looking for his long lost garlic salt. He totally just threw things around looking for it and didn’t even bother to straighten the shelf up after looking and finding nothing.

Just the other day I took spareribs out of the freezer to make myself for dinner and when I came out of my room to begin cooking them, the oven was turned off. He purposely turned off the stove.

I just hope I can grind it out until my lease is up.

There is a little unpleasant surprise waiting for this guy when September rolls around. When I signed the lease I had to pay first AND last months rent up front so my last month here is free.  PLUS the security deposit he has to pay me. But I’m sure he’ll come up with some bullshit story as to why he doesn’t have to pay me the security deposit.

Since my lease isn’t up until the end of September I have a little bit of time to look for another place. I’ve spied a few places already. One in Tucson and a few others in Yuma. Where I live isn’t that important but to me but PEACE AND QUIET IS!

This is what happens when you rent a room from someone. it is as they say… “you never know someone until you live with them!”.

Well I know as much as I wish to know about this person and I’m sorry to have ever agreed to the lease agreement. But I’m a man of my word and I’m sticking to the legally binding agreement. Although HE hasn’t kept his end of the lease for a single day. Oh did I tell you, during the winter he wouldn’t turn the heat on because, “it uses to much propane.” His words exactly. I had to buy a electric heater from Wal-Mart to keep from freezing to death last winter.

On the move again

Well it seems I still haven’t found the home I’ve been looking for. I’ve been here a year this September. That’s when my lease is up. I thought I had found a home but over the months I’ve been here I realized this is NOT for me. The guy I’m renting from is emotionally unstable. He’s constantly flying off the handle about the simplest things. He’s positive that his ex-wife is messing with his cell phone just to drive him crazy. He repeatedly says he’ll kill someone if he finds out who it is that’s messing with his cell phone. Got to get a place of my own somehow. I’m sick of renting rooms from people and finding out later on that they’ve got major emotional issues and usually try to drag me into their drama. Well enough of me ranting. There’s really not much I can do at this point. Just keep my head down. try not to get in anyone’s way and get the hell out of here come the 1st of Oct. Guess it’s back to living in my vehicle of I can’t find a place before then.

Wish me luck…

will Try to keep up!


I just wrote a new post for my blog.  When I looked at the dates of my other posts I realized I had not written anything in a very long time. I apologize for that. I’ve just never been able to stick to a schedule.  And it seems to get worse with age. So I’ve decided to try a little experiment by which I’ll upload 1 or 2 posts a month till I get used to doing it on  a regular basis.

Please bare with me as I try to get things sorted out. Much has happened and I have lots to share with all of you.

Again, thank you all for stopping in.  Leave a  comment if you’d like. I would love to hear from you all.

I had a dream that I died!

I had a dream that I died. I don’t remember how long ago. A few years at least.

In my dream I’m lying on a gurney being taken to the ICU ward of a hospital. I slowly picked my head up to see what was going on around me. Having very little strength I couldn’t keep my head up long and put my head back down.

With no sensation whatsoever, no pain, no “death throws”, In the blink of an eye, I awoke to find myself in a house. A split level home with modest furniture. I could tell by the curtains on the windows that it was light outside. Instantly I knew what had happened. “I’m dead” I thought, and without any hesitation began exploring my surroundings.

I immediately noticed I was not alone. There were two other people in the house with me. A young woman around the age of 25 and a young man that was maybe a year or two older. (The reason I mention their age is I learned later that once we die, we become the age we were in the prime of our lives).

First I approached the young girl. She had a confused look on her face and when I asked her what was wrong she answered, “Where am I, How did I get here?”

Knowing that I was dead and had some idea of what was happening, (do to a few internet sites I visit often) I assured her she was going to be fine. That someone would be along shortly to explain everything  to her and not to worry. This seemed to calm her a bit so I moved my attention to the young man.

This person seemed jittery, anxious, and nervous. He was acting like a man who didn’t want to be found.  He kept darting back and forth from one window to the next peeking out of the curtains to see if anyone was coming for him. He mumbled something like “They won’t find me” or something to that effect.

I knew there wasn’t anything I could do for him. (He being in a state of almost panic) I decided it was time for me to leave the house.

With a huge smile on my face, and  the knowledge of what I learned over the years from ITC, (Instrumental TransCommunication) I bid my housemates farewell and headed for the front door. Reaching down, I grabbed the doorknob, turned and pulled gleefully with great expectations of what surely awaited me…Then I woke up!

I’m Back!

Wow. 2 years ago tomorrow. That’s how long it’s been since my last post on this blog. Much has happened in that time. I’m no longer homeless. I’ve given up drinking. (Hopefully for good. Not sure though, I’ll never say never). Got my license back and own a mini-van. I now have a small but steady income thanks to Social Security. I’ve also moved out of the state of NJ. That one winter in the streets was enough to convince me that it was time to move to warmer digs. I now live in the south west. I’m sitting in my room right now in clean clothes, with a hot cup of coffee and looking forward to spring.

I’m gonna try and stick it out on this blog from here on out. Try and post something everyday. If anyone ever does read this, “thanks for stopping by!”

I’m looking forward to a new life.